Why Every Influencer Has a Discord

We have managed to have our overlay success rate up a great deal. And so essentially, it ought to work the majority of the moment rather than not working.

In addition, we have squashed several bugs like the mouse sticking of yours on display, red screen of death, and render failures after alt tabbing.

A Hot New Look

We have finessed the overlay of ours to seem discord bot more similar to the app. This particular upgrade additionally provides us much more space to increase as well as flex the overlay into the future.

Anyway, at this point you will see deafen and mute icons next to the speech signs on the overlay. You are able to additionally shift the voice signs anywhere on your game display right now. The rectangle is actually freeeeee!!!

 What is Coming Later

The longterm vision of ours for the overlay is making utilizing Discord in game as handy it can be. We are aiming for a 647 % increase in convenience. You need to essentially certainly not have to alt tab in case you do not wish to.

The overlay must constantly be there for you and constantly tune in to you when you are lonely and sad during the night. The overlay must be the best ally of yours and sing you lullabies if you cannot fall asleep.

As we said earlier, the redesign is actually a significant very first step in allowing us grow the performance of the overlay as time passes. You will shortly see some sick brand new capabilities like

  • Support for even more notification types
  • Customizable notifications (what kind and exactly where on screen)
  • Adaptable cd settings
  • Full support for calls
  • Text Chat
  • T.E.X.T C.H.A.T.

Plot twist – you will be in a position to pin text talk with the game so that you are able to keep monitor of any Discord chatter while you are running about Azeroth or even jumping out of the fight bus. The chat may be compact or cozy style.

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